Steps for install 'A Little Q&A'

Step 1: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This script uses one MySQL database table. Use the following SQL to create the table.
    The easiest way would be to use your MySQL admin program (example phpMyAdmin) to import the SQL statement below.
    You could also use the info in this SQL statement to manually create the table.

          ID int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
          DateAsked int(12) NOT NULL,
          DateAnswered int(12) default NULL,
          ipAddress varchar(15) default NULL,
          question varchar(255) NOT NULL,
          answer text,
          completed set('yes','no','deleted') NOT NULL default 'no',
          PRIMARY KEY  (ID)
        ) ENGINE=MyISAM ;

Step 2: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The qanda.config.php file contains all the configuration options you can use for customizing this script.
    The most importaint settings are the MySQL database authentication settings. Open the qanda.config.php file
    and look for the following lines. Only edit inside the " " (quotes).

    $QandA['host']   = "localhost";          // your database host setting. usually it will be localhost
    $QandA['user']   = "db_user";            // your database username
    $QandA['pass']   = "db_pass";            // your database password
    $QandA['dbName'] = "db_name";            // the name of the database

    Change the value of the host, user, pass and dbName to match those of your MySQL server. 
    If you're not sure what these settings need to be you should contact your administrator.

Step 3: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Now we need to set the admin password. This password will allow you to manage the Q&A database.
    Also in the qanda.config.php file look for the following line:

    $QandA['adminPassword'] = "admin";       // this is the admin password used to manage the Q&A database

    Change "admin" to what ever you want the admin password to be. Only edit inside the " " (quotes).

    Save The file.

Step 4: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    If you'd like to change the colors and fonts of this script use the settings in the qanda.config.php file.
    Read the comments next to each item for it's description. The settings are shown below.

        // SET TO 1 TO USE IN ADMIN MODE //////////////////////////
        $QandA['showIP']            = 0;                    // 1 = show ip address of those who ask questions | 0 = don't show ip address

        // DISPLAY SETTINGS ///////////////////////////////////////
        $QandA['basicFont']         = "font: normal 9pt Arial;";    // main font setting (example: font: normal 9pt Arial;)
        $QandA['basicBoldFont']     = "font: bold 9pt Arial;";      // bold font settings (example: font: bold 9pt Arial;)
        $QandA['titleFont']         = "font: bold 11pt Arial;";     // the title font setting (example: font: bold 11pt Arial;)

        // COLOR SETTINGS /////////////////////////////////////////
        $QandA['tableBGcolor']              = "#CCCCCC";    // the background color of the table. Only shows in the middle of wide borders (example: #CCCCCC)
        $QandA['borderColor']               = "#FFFFFF";    // the color of all borders (example: #FFFFFF)
        $QandA['expandCellColor']           = "#CCCCCC";    // the background color of the cell with the expand/collapse or + and - images (example: #CCCCCC)
        $QandA['titleBGcolor']              = "#CCCCCC";    // the background color of the title cell. (ex Q&A) (example: #CCCCCC)
        $QandA['hilightBGcolor']            = "#FFFFCC";    // the background color of the hilight cells (ex the ask question cell) (example: #FFFFCC)
        $QandA['expandNormalBGcolor']       = "#FFFFFF";    // the background color of the normal expanded question cell (example: #FFFFFF)
        $QandA['nonExpandNormalBGcolor']    = "#FFFFFF";    // the background color of the non expanded question cell (example: #FFFFFF)
        $QandA['deletedBGcolor']            = "#999999";    // the background color of the deleted question both expanded and collapsed (example: #999999)
        $QandA['notAnsweredBGcolor']        = "#EBECFA";    // the background color of the non answered question both expanded and collapsed (example: #EBECFA)
        $QandA['titleFontColor']            = "#333333";    // the color of the title text (example: #333333)
        $QandA['questionFontColor']         = "#333333";    // the color fo the question and answer text (example: #333333)

        // WIDTH SETTINGS /////////////////////////////////////////
        $QandA['widthOne']          = 15;                   // width of the left column (with the expand and collapse icons)
        $QandA['widthTwo']          = 600;                  // width of the question and answer column

        // SITE INFORMATION ///////////////////////////////////////
        $QandA['siteName']          = "A Little Q and A";   // the name of the Q and A Site

USAGE: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    There are 2 different ways to incorporate this script into your web site.

    1. As an Include
        add the require_once statement where ever you'd like the Q&A to appear.

            Example: require_once("qanda.php");
        add to the top of the file that will be including the qanda.php file the
        session_start command (if not already used in your site)
            Example: session_start();
    1. As a Stand Alone
        Just simply link to the location of the qanda.php file. This file can also be renamed index.php and 
        should work just fine.